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Clover features a fully fledged task management system that allows you to manage tasks across your entire workspace.

Creating tasks

Add a task to any page or Daily Note by starting a line with [] followed by a space, by selecting a line and clicking the Checkbox Button in the Edit Bar, or by pressing CtrlAlt4.

Completing tasks

Click on a checkbox to set a task as completed. You can also Right-click on the checkbox and set the task to Done in the Task Options menu.

Cancel tasks without deleting them

Sometimes priorities shift and tasks are no longer relevant. Instead of deleting them, you can mark them as canceled using the Task Options menu (Right-click the checkbox) or pressing Ctrl and clicking on the checkbox.

Setting due dates on tasks

Each task can be scheduled using the Calendar Button that is displayed when hovering a task block. Scheduled tasks show up on your Daily Notes to keep you on track.

Color-code your tasks

It can be helpful to use color to differentiate your tasks. Right-click on a checkbox to pull up the Task Options menu and select a color. You can also Alt click a checkbox to cycle between the different colors.

Create subtasks that inherit due dates and status

Breaking down tasks into smaller subtasks is a great way to track progress towards larger goals. We suggest doing this by indenting the subtasks which will automatically create a relationship between the tasks. Now, the parent task can be expanded / collapsed to help keep your pages tidy. If you set a due date on a parent task, all of the subtasks will inherit that due date and show up on your Daily Notes below the parent. In addition if you mark a parent task as complete or cancelled all subtasks will inherit that value as well.

Track tasks using the Progress Sidebar

Sometimes tasks get lost on large Docs or Surfaces. The Progress Sidebar in the upper-right corner of the page appears when you have one or more tasks on a page to help you keep track of them.

Open the menu to see all tasks on the page in a list. They're broken down into tabs: Todo, Done, and Canceled. You can check them off directly from this menu or click on the text of the task to jump to it.