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Sharing & Collaboration

Clover provides a couple of ways to share and collaborate on pages. You can share pages publicly or invite guests to the page, each having their own purpose depending on what you are trying to achieve.

Public Pages

A public page is a read-only version of a page that is accessible to anyone with the URL. This also includes users who don't have a Clover account. Sharing a page publicly can be great for sharing articles/blog posts, notes, designs on a surface, etc.

Share a page publicly

Sharing a page publicly can be done by clicking the Public Link Sharing toggle in the Share menu. Once enabled a public version of the page will be available to anyone that visits the page's URL.


If you need to collaborate on a page with someone else you can invite them to your page as a guest. Once invited, guests have full edit permissions on the page. If the invited guest doesn't already have a Clover account they will be prompted to create one.

Guest Permissions

Guests only have access to the individual pages they are invited to in the workspace. They will only be able to see and edit those pages and nothing else.

Adding a guest to a page

You can add a guest to a page via the Share menu. Once open you can enter any email address to invite a guest to the page. If the new guest already has access to other pages in your workspace you can also add them using their name. Once the guest has been invited they will receive an email notifying them of the invite with a link to the shared page.

Guest Limit

The Starter plan limits the total number of guests in a workspace to three. Upgrade to the Pro plan to unlock unlimited guests.

Removing a guest from a page

You can remove a guest from a page at any time. Simply open the Share menu, find the guest you wish to remove, click the Can Edit menu, and click Remove.