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Settings allow you to customize your Clover account & workspace. Settings can be accessed clicking the ⚙ icon at the bottom of the left sidebar (on mobile it is located at the top of the Main Menu).
Settings Screen

My Account

These are settings specific to your user account. Here you can change your user photo, display name, and reset your password.

User Name and Photo

The name and photo of your user account is separate from the name and icon of your Workspace (see Workspace Settings below).



Enables or disables spellcheck when editing text in Documents or Surfaces.

Launch Clover on Startup (desktop app only)

When enabled, Clover will automatically launch when you startup your computer and login to your operating system. We recommend enabling this for quick access to Clover and so that the Global Quick Note application is available (see next item).

Global Quick Note Shortcut (desktop app only)

Allows for the customization of the Quick Note shortcut which can be used even when Clover is not your focused application. You may have other global shortcuts so this customization allows you to avoid any collisions with other application shortcuts.

Workspace Settings

These are settings specific to your Workspace. Here you can change the Workspace icon, display name, and workspace slug. The workspace slug determines the URL of your workspace.

Update name, slug and icon

You can customize your Workspace details in the Workspace settings.

What is a slug?

Your Workspace slug is a string of characters used in the URL for your Workspace. Think of it as a username for your Workspace. All content in your Workspace will use a URL containing your Workspace slug. It is also what external users will see for any publicly shared pages.

Example URL with slug

The clover-test in the following URL is the Workspace slug.

Unique Slugs

Workspace slugs are unique in Clover so any slug can be used as long as another Workspace with that slug does not already exist.


Here you can customize the look of Clover. See Theming for more details on customizing your Workspace.

Upgrade / Plan

If you are on a Free plan then this section will allow you to upgrade your account.

If you have a Clover subscription this area will show you details of your subscription including the type of subscription, renewal date, etc. If there are any problems with your subscription they will also be displayed in the section.