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Clover provides many ways to organize your content. From simply setting page icons to nested pages to labels, you'll be a master of organization.

Page Icons

Each Page or Folder can have its icon customized to quickly help identify it in the Sidebar. Click on the icon for any Page or Folder (both in the Sidebar or in the header) to set update its icon.


You set any page or folder as a favorite in your workspace and it will be pinned to the top of the Sidebar. This is great for items that you need access to quickly. It even keeps the nesting of the favorited pages so any child favorites will be nested under their parent counterpart in the Favorites List.

To set a page or folder as a favorite, select it then click the star button in the header.

Favoriting a page

You can set favorite pages one by one or through bulk actions on views like the Inbox and All Pages. To set a single page or folder as a favorite, select it then click the star button in the header. You can also right click on a page in the Sidebar and click Favorite in the context menu.

Reordering favorites

The order of your favorites can be customized simply by dragging and dropping them.

Nested Favorite Order

Only top level favorites can be re-ordered. All nested favorites will preserve their original order from the Page Tree.

Organizing the Page Tree

Clover gives you complete control over the organization of your pages in the Sidebar. You can easily change the order of pages and even nest any page under another page to create hierarchies.

Reordering pages

Drag and drop any page in the Sidebar to reorder the page in the tree.

Nesting pages

Any page in Clover can be nested under another in the Sidebar. This allows you to create whatever page hierarchies you wish. Drag any page in the Sidebar over another page to make it a child of that page.


If you don't want to nest pages within pages you can also create folders to group pages together. Folders provide not only a way to group pages together but also provide a different view to see the pages within it. Within that view you can sort pages by different criteria and perform bulk actions.


Labels allow you to organize pages in a non-linear way. Pages can have one or many labels allowing you to classify a page into many different categories. Labels can be colorized to help you recognize them at a glance. You can even add labels while typing on a page by using a hashtag (eg, #label) and you can create nested labels using a / (eg, #personal / journal).


The Inbox provides a useful workflow for triaging new pages. As pages are created, they arrive in your Inbox where they can be processed at a later time. Keeping your Inbox clean helps build a habit of organizing important notes and archiving those you no longer need top-of-mind.