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Clover allows you to connect a Google Calendar to your Clover account. This allows you to view events along side your Daily Notes.

Google Calendar

Connecting your Google Calendar to Clover will allow you to view events from any number of calendars inside the app.

Setup Google Calendar

You can setup a Google Calendar integration using the Daily Note settings.


You must allow all requested scopes or else Clover will be unable to access your calendar data.

Toggling visible calendars

By default your primary calendar will be enabled but you can toggle which calendars are visible in the Daily Notes settings by clicking the checkbox next to each calendar in the settings list. Clover will read all events from enabled calendars and display them in the app.

Not seeing some of your calenders?

You can manually refresh your calendar list at any time using the and clicking Refresh.

Viewing events from your calendars

Clover will display events from your calendars in Daily Notes. Each day will display all events from that day at the top of the page.

Daily Note Event List

Creating pages for events

Sometimes you need to take notes for an event, Clover makes creating a page for events a breeze. Pages created for events will be tied to the event so you can jump to them quickly by clicking on the event in the list.

Disconnecting Google Calendar