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Daily Notes

Daily Notes are the one-stop place to manage your day's work. They feature a dynamic document that you can use to jot down quick notes, write journal entries or plan out your daily tasks. Tasks on a Daily Note will automatically be assigned to that date and will roll over to the next day if they aren't completed. You can also add tasks to your Daily Notes from other pages by assigning a date to them.
Daily Notes are great for managing tasks and planning your day.

Track Tasks with rollover

  1. Create a task on today's Daily Notes (start a line with [] followed by a space to convert the block to a task or press CtrlAlt4).

  2. If you don't complete the task today, it will automatically show up on tomorrow's Daily Note so that you don't lose track of it.

  3. An Overdue section will display if there are tasks from previous dates that are not done.

  4. Use the Move to Today button to push the task to the current day's Daily Note.

    The Overdue section shows undone tasks from previous dates.

Move Tasks across dates

  1. Click the date or quick move button on a task.

  2. Select the date you'd like to move the task to.

  3. All subtasks will also move with the task.

    Use the Move to… command to move tasks across days.

Aggregate tasks from pages

  1. Hover a task block and click the calendar icon.
  2. Select a due date.
  3. The task will now show up on your Daily Notes for the selected date.

Use Quick Add to capture notes and tasks without losing your place

  1. Press CtrlAlt/ to pull up Quick Add or select it from the + New button in the sidebar.
  2. Use plain language input to target different dates of your Daily Notes.
  3. Select the option to either add a task or text to your Daily Notes.

If you'd like to see your calendar events appear in your Daily Notes, you can link your Google Calendar to your Clover account. See Google Calendar integration for more details.