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What is Clover?

Clover is a digital notebook application that blends notes, tasks, whiteboards, and a daily planner into one streamlined workflow. It's simple to learn, but powerful enough to replace numerous tools that you might have previously used. Below is an overview of how you might use Clover.

Sophisticated Note-taking

Clover is built on a powerful block-style text editor which allows you to take notes in ways you never could before. Write, sketch, and embed countless content types in either a traditional document or on an infinite canvas. It also features markdown-style formatting, a / inserter, dynamic page linking with backlinks, code blocks with syntax highlighting, and much more.

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Get things done with Tasks

Ideas are nothing until you make them real. Clover has built-in task management capabilities. Tasks can be easily created anywhere within your workspace. They can be tracked per page or aggregated to your Daily Notes to make sure you don't lose track of anything. Use color-coding to prioritize them or cancel those that you no longer need.

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Plan your day with Daily Notes

Daily Notes are dynamic documents created for each calendar day. Use them to log journal entries, take notes throughout the day, or to plan out your day's tasks. Any tasks you don't complete will roll over to the next day so you don't lose track of anything.

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Brainstorm and visualize ideas with Surfaces

Surfaces are an infinite canvas you can write on, sketch ideas, or embed media. Use them to flesh out ideas, create diagrams, mind-maps, wireframes, and anything else you can imagine.

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